Thursday, September 1, 2016

By Nature Pet Food

The By Nature pet food brand is produced and manufactured by the Kent Pet Group, Inc. This company follows a unique approach to nutrition as a means of strengthening the bond between pets and pet parents. By Nature offers a variety of premium, nutritious pet food formulas that are designed using advanced principles of dietary science to ensure balanced nutrition and maximum nutritional benefit. All of By Nature’s formulas are made with quality ingredients to ensure that pets get the nutrition they need to remain healthy and active for their entire lives.

Source: Pet Food Chat

Not only are By Nature’s formulas designed to support whole-body health and wellness, but they are also designed to protect your pet against disease. The By Nature company gives their formulas the name Active Defense + and each formula is made with the optimal combination of quality ingredients such as real animal proteins and mouthwatering flavors. By Nature’s Active Defense + formulas contain the Super Fusion Advanced Nutritional Blend which includes quality proteins for strong muscles, antioxidant-rich superfoods for immune support, and prebiotic fibers for healthy digestion. This Super Fusion Blend is included in all of By Nature’s dry and wet food formulas to ensure healthy and balanced nutrition for pets in all life stages.

When it comes to dry dog food products, By Nature offers three grain-free formulas: Turkey, Chicken & Sweet Potato; Ocean Whitefish & Green Peas; and Pork & Sweet Potato. Each of these formulas is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and they are all completely grain-free. In addition to these grain-free formulas, By Nature also offers four Balanced Diet formulas for dogs including the following: Lamb, Lentils & Duck; Ocean Whitefish, Green Peas & Herring; Pork & Sweet Potato; and Turkey, Green Peas & Herring. These recipes are formulated with a precise blend of quality proteins, whole grains, and nutritious fruits and vegetables to ensure well-rounded nutrition. In addition to these dry food formulas, By Nature offers two types of canned food for dogs: 95% recipes and stews. The 95% recipes are loaded with animal proteins like tuna, chicken, and salmon while the stews are filled with tender meats in a flavorful gravy.

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